Market Harborough

Period Property - Paving, Patio and Lawn along with Water Feature


Following extensive work in their house, the clients wanted their garden landscaping to finish the project.  The property is a large house, in a secluded plot within the village.  The Old Garage Block had been converted into living space, creating a sheltered Courtyard, and the main garden was still as left by the builders.  The brief was to create a tranquil space in the courtyard, with lush planting, a seating area and paths to link the different parts of the property.  


The main garden was to have a patio for entertaining, and also more planting to break up the lawn.  A utility area was to be sectioned off behind the garage, and better access to the rear of the property was required.

Plans & Drawings


The building work had been fairly traumatic, so the clients wanted the Landscape Construction team to liaise directly with the Landscape Designer.  The house was originally built in the back garden of a roadside property, access was extremely tight, even for smaller vans.  All deliveries had to be offloaded on the road and transported to site using our smaller vehicles.  All spoil also had to be transported in the opposite direction as grab lorries could not access the plot.  The first job was to lift the old block paving in the courtyard, this was then re-laid to the back of the property where there is a seldom used mud path.  Rebecca wanted lots of planting in the design, so we ensured that poor soil was excavated and replaced to the correct depth with better quality, enriched top soil.  A small seating area was created in the courtyard using Porcelain paving, and the paths were created by laying a stone sub base, with a grid system placed on top to ensure the gravel finish remained where it should.  Although not on the original plan, Oak sleepers were used to create some raised beds for planting as some unexpected concrete foundations were found where the planting was to go.  A lovely water feature from Pots and Pithoi was installed in the courtyard to give a focal point.
The garden patio was also created using Porcelain paving laid at 45 degrees to the house, drawing the eye into the garden.  Stainless steel slot drains ensured surface water was removed swiftly from the patio, this drained away into a soak away built into the lawn.  Mitred joints on the steps were accurately cut and left a finish that was required by discerning clients and an even more discerning designer!

Materials Used

Client Comments

It was a sheer pleasure working with these guys – even entertaining our dogs. They produced excellent work based upon the excellent scheme that had been drawn up. The aftercare was also first rate, which made what could have been a painful exercise easy. Thank you.


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