Price Related Questions

1. Do you require any upfront payment or a deposit?

Once a contract price is agreed, we ask for a 10% or £500, whichever is the LOWER, to secure the slot in our work schedule.  There is generally a pre-commencement payment of 20% of the project value, Interim payment (s) depending upon the project length, and generally there is a balancing payment of around 10% due once the project is completed.

2. Do I pay the design service separate to the build cost or altogether?

Yes.  The contract for the design work is between the designer and the client as the designers are self employed.  A separate contract is put in place for the build costs.

3. Do you offer any finance option?

Not at this time

4. What are your payment options?

We accept bank transfers along with all major credit and debit cards.

5. How do you calculate the cost of a project, and can you provide a detailed breakdown of the expenses?

We have a pricing matrix which we use for adding in the labour, Materials, Equipment hire and waste disposal.  This is not generally maade available as part of our quote, and we are only able to provide a limited breakdown of the costs.  We are able to break the costs down into stages if the build is to be phased.

Designer Questions

1. How do you allocate a designer?

We use our knowledge of our designers and your garden and aspirations to suggest one of our designers.  However you will have access to all our designers’ portfolios if you want to explore options.

2. Are you able to provide examples of the designers previous works?

Yes. We provide a link to the Designers own websites, and include examples of their work on our own website.

3. Can I make revisions to the designers plan prior to commencement of works?

Yes.  Nothing is finalised until it is built!  Although if we have brought materials or hired in Sub Contractors, changes can incur costs.  Sometimes changes can be worked out with our Construction teams, sometimes the designer will need to be involved.

Environmental Questions

1. Do you use environmentally friendly or sustainable landscaping materials and methods?

We use a range of materials, the designer usually specifies materials to be used.  We try to use quality products and materials that will last a long time and will take into account different requirements on different projects.

2. Will you be using peat free compost?

Planting and Soft landscaping usually comprises less than 5% of a project value, but we have phased out the use of peat in our projects as per Government guidelines.

Other Questions

1. Do you provide any guarantees or warranties for your work, and what is included in your contracts?

Yes.  Materials carry a manufacturers warranty and installation carries a 12 month warranty, although we expect our work to last for many years.

2. Do you offer any warranties on the plants and materials used in the project?

As above there is a manufacturers warranty on most materials.  Plants carry a six month warranty from their planting date.

3. Do you work on Sundays/Bank holidays?

All our work is carried out during weekdays (excluding bank holidays) We do sometimes work on Saturdays in consultation with the client.

4. How can I get my project started with you?

There are a few ways! You can either call us on 01536 722635, email us at info@bosworthslandscaping.co.uk or fill in the contact form on our contacts page.are

5. Do you have public liability insurance when working on my property?

Yes. We have full Public and Product Liability insurance.  Insurance policies and Certificates can be viewed at any time of the deign and build process.

6. What is your estimated timeline for completing the work?

This depends entirely on the size and complexity of the job.  Timing is also often reliant on other factors such as material availability and Sub Contractors own availability.  We always provide an estimated job duration, and will keep you updated if this changes during the project.  Generally we are rarely on site for less than two weeks and most jobs tend to be in the four to ten week bracket, and occasionally longer.

Do you have a question?

Please use the form below to ask us a question.  We will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively look at our most commonly asked questions below.


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