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Landscape Design And Build Process

From the very beginning we follow a process to allow both you and us to get the absolute best from a garden design and landscaping project. Developing your garden is an extension of your home and valuable investment.

It is generally considered that a well designed and built garden can add between 5 and 15 percent to the value of your home. To achieve this an equal amount will need to be spent on the design and landscaping process. Therefore a £500,000 homeowner could expect to add a value of, and spend, £25,000 to £75,000. The design element will account for around 10 per cent of this cost, so approximately £2,500 to £7,500.

A complete Design and Build project has a starting cost of around £25,000, but this is hugely influenced by garden size, number of features, topography, complexity of build, access and the cost of materials used.

1 Consultation

From your initial enquiry there will be a discussion with a Bosworth’s Consultant and a visit if required. We will assess your needs and discuss what you are hoping to achieve. We will then be able to suggest and allocate the most appropriate designer who will then meet with you on site to discuss what you want from your garden. They will assess the site, and discuss with you how and by whom your garden will be used in order to get a clear picture of your needs. They will show you examples of their work and drawings to give you a better understanding of the scope of their work and the design process. At this point fee proposals are put forward by the designer for the design element and they will look after you throughout the design process.

2 Landscape Design

The first stage of the design process is to carry out a site survey and analysis. The designer will measure the garden and assess the topographical and environmental conditions. Using a scaled layout they will begin by developing concept drawings which are then discussed and tweaked as necessary. They will develop detailed and accurate scaled drawings that show the location of all proposed site elements and materials, plus existing features that are to remain. They will deliver to you a final to-scale landscape design plan, with construction drawings as required and planting plans if requested. Each designer employs their own individual methods to communicate the look and feel of the garden. This may be through hand drawn or computer generated images.

3 Landscape Build Phase

On completion of the design, the drawings and plans are handed to Bosworth’s Landscaping to provide a quote for the build of your garden. Once the quotes are accepted, space is allocated on the construction schedule.  Health and Safety, CDM and mobilisation process begins as we enter the construction phase. Our team will work to the previously produced plans ensuring work is carried out to our exacting high standards. Our consultants will liaise with you and the landscaping team throughout the construction phase to ensure that everything is running smoothly and to your satisfaction.

4 Completion

The most exciting part of the process is when the works are completed and the project signed off.  You can now sit back, relax and enjoy your new outside space.

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