Creating Kerb Appeal


Client had used us previously for their back garden. They now wanted to update the front garden to be low maintenance but in keeping with the period of the house.


The design on this project was to give a contemporary style in line with the period of the house, creating “curb appeal”.  In doing so the overall profile of the property was enhanced.

Plans & Drawings


Construction took place in late winter so the vagaries of the weather came into play again. It was a relatively ‘clean’ job, with little exposed mud causing any problems. The old tarmac path was lifted, and overgrown vegetation removed, including a very large Holly tree stump that had been cut down, but was sprouting back into life. The foundations for the retaining walls were put in, with reinforcing to prevent the wall cracking or moving in the future, and then a stone base was installed and compacted to give us a clean working area. As is often the case, a significant amount of work on this job was underground and not visible on completion, but essential to the integrity of the finished project. Black limestone paving formed a beautiful finish to the front door, and we managed to salvage enough original Victorian edging stones to create a central planting feature.

Materials Used


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